Monday, 18 February 2008

Taiwan recognizes Kosovo independence

Following Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia,
it has received formal diplomatic recognition by Taiwan. In its statement, Taiwan said that "it is the people who are masters of their nation's future". Taiwan's existence is threatened by a territorial claim by China, which prevents it from obtaining widespread recognition and a United Nations membership. TAIPEI (Tiraspol Times) - Less than a day after Kosovo broke with Serbia through an unilateral, unapproved (by Serbia) independence declaration, the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a formal message to the new Kosovar government to congratulate it for attaining 'the fruits of independence, democracy and freedom.'


註:Tiraspol為摩爾多瓦東部城市,是不被承認的Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic

" - Self-determination is a right recognized by the United Nations, and it is the people who are masters of their nation's future," the Taiwanese foreign ministry said in a statement. "In no way should the independence of one nation be denied by another."


" - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) congratulates Kosovo on its independence," read the statement of recognition which now opens the door for diplomatic relations between these two breakaway states.


" - Despite a multitude of barriers, the people of Kosovo have insisted on an ideal that they believe in, which is to peacefully pursue independence, without being threatened or scared away. Their determination in achieving this lofty ideal is truly admirable," read the Taiwanese statement.


" - Taiwan is a member of the international community that cherishes democracy and freedom, and the government is delighted that the people of Kosovo have the fruits of independence, democracy and freedom to look forward to. May Kosovo enjoy a bright and prosperous future."


China angry


China, which like Russia is opposed to Kosovo independence, pledged to not recognize Kosovo and lashed out against Taiwan for its message of support.


Mainland China criticized Taiwan for its expression of support for Kosovo's newfound independence. It angrily informed Taiwan that, as it is part of China, it has no right to give recognition to Kosovo or to anyone else for that matter.


" - It is known to all that as a part of China, Taiwan has no right or eligibility to give the so-called 'recognition' (to Kosovo)," foreign ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said in a statement.


Despite ruling over its island as a 'de facto' independent nation and having full internal sovereignty, Taiwan has diplomatic ties with just 23 countries due to a territorial claim by neighboring China. The strategy which China uses to deny formal relations to Taiwan is to force other countries to choose between relations with either Taiwan or China, but not both.

儘管事實上以一個獨立國家的形式(de facto)統治著自己的島,對內也有完整的主權,台灣

Such a hardline stance is not the norm in international law, where third party countries are normally able to maintain relations with two countries even though they are both involved in a bilateral conflict. In such cases, the third party state merely abstains from taking a position in the conflict and continues to carry out other, non-related normal diplomatic relations with both sides to the dispute regardless of their individual differences.


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